If you’re looking for a way to focus on the Thanks in your Thanksgiving dinner traditions, I’ve gathered lots of fun ideas for you… AND I’ve created a printable pdf for the activity I’m going to use! Because it is the day before Thanksgiving, and you don’t have time to be crafty!

Free Printables for Thanksgiving Dinner Traditions

I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in decades, so I’ve been internet surfing for ideas to focus on the meaning of Thanksgiving. There are lots of printables out there for writing down what you’re thankful for, but I was looking for something that would inspire us before we got there.  (Because we’ve had a tough year. And sometimes it takes inspiration to get to gratitude.)

Inspirational Quotes for Thanksgiving Prompts

I’ve curated a list of quotes to inspire us. I’m putting one quote in each napkin ring, face down. When we gather around the table, we’ll each read our quote and then say one thing we’re grateful for.  Click here for the printable pdf: thanksgiving quotes

thanksgiving quotes

Another fun way to use these quotes would be to put them IN your dinner rolls, like this:



More Free Printables for Thanksgiving Dinner Traditions

Thankful Chain – I am over the moon in love with how elegant these are.


The Thankful Tree – includes free printable Thankful Heart Tree Tags



I am Thankful  For Prompt Cards – you can set these at place settings and save them to read next year, or punch holes in them to hang on a Thankful Tree.